Format and Event Regulations

Event Regulations: download full document


Swatch Major Series is composed of the following phases:


– Continental Quota Playoff (if any)

– Country Quota Playoff (if any)

– Qualification Tournament (applicable only for FIVB World Tour events)

– Main Draw Tournament


Country Quota Playoff is played with a maximum of six (6) same country teams in a Single Elimination format, in case and NF has entered more teams than available NF spots in the Qualification Tournament at the time the Confirmed NF Entry List is issued.


The Qualification Tournament is played in a Single Elimination format with a maximum of thirty-two (32) teams, after Country Quota calculations.

The Main Draw Tournament of each gender is made up of 32 teams and is played through a:

- first phase of eight (8) pools of four (4) teams each (Round Robin);

- second phase with twenty-four (24) teams playing in a Single Elimination format (the losers of the semifinal matches will play the bronze medal match, while the winners of the semifinal matches will play the gold medal match).


From the Round Robin phase the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked teams from each pool will advance to the Single Elimination phase (total: twenty-four (24) teams).