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Tournament side events

Concerts, Bar, Dance Session, Beach Party, etc.


Hospitality Package(s)

VIP Silver Packages, VIP Gold Packages, Skylounge Silver Packages, Skylounge Gold Packages, Beach Club or Major Club for two persons

Camp for Beach Volleyball fans

Campground Tenthouse, different Packages with Hotel and entrance:

Weather conditions (based on previous years’ weather for the same period)

Min. temperature: 13C°, max. temperature: 29C° Rain: 6 days per month, wind conditions: south-west, 4-8 knots, sun rise: 7.15 am, sun set: 7.30 pm, general conditions: good


CHF – Swiss Francs

Local tourist office website

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Nearby popular attractions

Glacier 3000 (, Lauenensee (, Arnensee (, Château de Gruyère (, Fondation Balthus (, Cailler chocolate factory (

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Train schedules: Kids animation during the whole week Gstaad is a village in the alps and it is located 1,050 metres (3,440 ft) above sea level. Gstaad is known as a major ski resort in the winter, a beautiful hiking area in the summer and a popular destination amongst the high-class society and the international jet set.