Format and Event Regulations

Event Regulations: download full document


Qualification & Entry

Twelve (12) teams per gender will compete for the title of “Swatch World Tour Finals Champions”.

Eight (8) teams are qualified via the FIVB World Tour Ranking – Men & Women. Last qualifying tournament being the Long Beach Grand Slam in CA, USA on 23-28 August 2016. Teams (not individual athletes) are qualified to the event.


Four (4) Wild Cards shall be granted at the discretion of the FIVB and the Organiser.

A country quota of two (2) teams per nation per gender (including Wild Cards) is applied.


Competition Format

Four (4) pools of three (3) teams each compete in a Round Robin format. The winner of each pool advances directly to the quarter finals (2nd Round played in a Single Elimination format).


2nd & 3rd will play in the  Round 16 played in Single Elimination format. 2nd will face 3rd placed team in each Pool.