Useful Information

Useful information

Tournament side events

Ticketing       Katarzyna Kwoczak


Hospitality Package(s)       Katarzyna Kwoczak

tel. 22 462 82 37


Camp for Beach Volleyball fans       Mr. Piotr Gruszka / Sebastian Świderski


Weather conditions (based on previous years’ weather for the same period)       Min. temperature: 10° C

Max. temperature: 35° C

Humidity: 65%

Wind: 3 m/s

Sun rise: 4:30 AM

Sun set: 9:00 PM



PLN /USD 0,24


Local tourist office website


Other recommended hotels in the area       



Nearby popular attractions       Old Town

The Planetarium in Olsztyn

Lesne Arboretum in Warmii Mazur



Galeria Warminska Shopping Center


Time zone       

GMT + 1:00


Other useful information       NONE